VOTE: Tyrese's Baby Momma Demands He Get A Mental Health Evaluation — Do YOU Agree?!


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The latest move in the bizarre saga of Tyrese Gibson's legal battle is by his ex.

Norma Gibson, who testified the Fast & Furious actor physically abused both her and their daughter Shayla, is now demanding a mental health evaluation.

TMZ reports attorney Aleen Khanjian told the judge on Tuesday that Tyrese's recent erratic behavior (flying a banner over Shayla's school, sharing breakdown videos on social media, picking a fight with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson — for which you'd have to be crazy!), constitutes a breach of his temporary restraining order.

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Pointing out that a court evaluator had already referred to Tyrese as having "mental illness," she asked the court for a mental health eval.

It may not be a bad idea; after all, we don't just have the safety of one child to consider for long…

Tyrese was adamant he doesn't have any mental illness, just a bad reaction to medication. But while he may have changed his dosage, he hasn't taken down his website selling "Shayla Rocks" t-shirts. For real.

You tell us, Perezcious readers…

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