50-Year-Old Live Explosive Fished Out From Sea. Next, Controlled Blast

The military shell is believed to be about 50 years old.

A local fishing vessel in New Orleans, USA, yesterday reeled in an unexploded military shell, leading to the area being closed as the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad and Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams were called.

"At approximately 10.30 am yesterday morning a fishing dragger from the Rock Harbor fleet brought ashore an unexploded military shell that was picked up in their nets," said the Orleans Police Department in their Facebook post. 



"If it was a remnant of the target ship (James W. Longstreet) bombing practice, which was halted in the late 60's(?) it will be over 50 years old," explained the police.

The fishermen contacted local authorities and the live shell was taken to the end of the harbour as it was too fragile to dismantle.

The military shell was buried in a 4-foot-deep hole and detonated in a controlled environment, reports Fox News.The police later shared a video of the controlled explosion. 



"Love this! Our history exists everywhere," wrote one person on Facebook. "Glad all are safe and no one was injured," says another.


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