The fireworks exploded and the car briefly disappeared in a cloud of smoke

Incredible CCTV footage captures the moment fireworks suddenly ignited and exploded inside a car in China. Reports suggest someone seated inside the car carelessly lit a cigarette and that is what likely caused the fireworks to explode.

The surveillance footage shows a red car waiting at a traffic light in Yiwu, a city in China's central Zhejiang province. 

Suddenly, some smoke and a spark can be seen from the rear windshield of the car. Within a split second, thick clouds of smoke billows out from the car's windows. Two passengers seated in the back seat immediately get out and rush to inspect the source of the smoke. One person even looks under the car to try and figure out what is going on.

The other person opens the car's trunk and that's when multiple firecrackers shoot out of it. The bright sparks leave everyone shocked. A taxi behind the vehicle swerves and drives away to get away from the car.

By this time, the driver and the front seat passenger emerge from the car amidst the plumes of smoke.

Photographs of the aftermath show the charred interiors of the car's trunk. Miraculously, the car survived the unexpected fireworks show. Reports suggest that nobody was hurt by it either.

Watch the video below:"What kind of idiot would smoke near a box of fireworks - especially in the confined space of a car?" asks one person incredulously. "Smoking will kill you," notes another wryly.

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