The building is located in Agra's Teele Wali Gali area near Mankameshwar temple.

Agra:  Within a matter of seconds, a three-storeyed building collapsed in Uttar Pradesh's Agra on Sunday. The dramatic collapse sent up a blanket of dust. The incident, which took place in Agra's Teele Wali Gali area near Mankameshwar temple, was caught on camera. The video of the building collapse, which fell like a pack of cards, became viral on social media. The reason for the building collapse, which was earlier not known, is now pinned on the mischievous rats.

Watch video here:

It is believed that the population of rats has been exploding in the recent years in the vicinity of the building area . Thousands of rats who were burrowing underground for years, managed to weaken the foundation of the building, damaging the sewage pipelines and other infrastructure around, reports the Times of India. Foundations of buildings in and around a dozen localities of the old city have also been damaged by rats.After rains on Saturday evening, water entered the underground burrows of the house. Fearful that the building had become unstable, the owners of the building vacated the house. Their fears came true and building collapsed the next day.In a similar incident, a three-storeyed building had collapsed in Andhra Pradesh's Guntur district in November last year. The building in Guntur had been evacuated a few days prior to the collapse and nobody was injured.

On Saturday, a building collapsed in Rajasthan's Kota and four people were rescued from the debris and one more person was feared to be trapped.