Viral Video Shows Car Window Shattering After Giraffe Gets Head Stuck

After the glass shattered, zookeepers examined the giraffe's head and found the animal was unhurt

A visitor to the United Kingdom's West Midland Safari Park filmed the shocking moment a hungry giraffe got its head stuck in a car window. The giraffe, trying desperately to free itself, pulled away causing the car window to shatter, sending shards of glass flying everywhere.

Mohamed Naser was visiting the park in Worcestershire, England with his wife on April 8 when he spotted the giraffe during the safari drive-through. A couple in the car next to his were equally thrilled to see the beautiful four-legged creature up close. 

"The girl had food in her hand, she was feeding the giraffe by sticking her hand out of the car," Mr Naser told TheIndianSubcontinent. "The giraffe knew that she had food in her hand so he... stuck his head in the car."

As soon as that happened, Mr Naser said that the driver of the car panicked and turned away from his girlfriend for a split-second to try and roll up the window on the passenger side. 

"The boyfriend panicked... he didn't realise that the giraffe had already entered the car," Mr Naser explained.

What followed was a spectacularly scary sight. The giraffe tried to pull its head free from the car and ended up smashing its window to pieces. In the video, small pieces of glass fly everywhere - including on the giraffe and the shocked woman seated inside the car.

Mr Naser, who filmed the entire incident and posted it on his YouTube channel, called it a "freak accident." 

Watch the video below:

Mr Naser confirmed that the giraffe was "perfectly fine."

"Zookeepers drove over and used food as bait to get a close up of the giraffe's head. They saw nothing, so they let it be," he explained. 

The couple, Mr Naser claimed, was very upset about what had happened. "The pair are a young couple who very much love animals," he told TheIndianSubcontinent

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