Diplomat was under intelligence scanner


Dalip Singh, NEW DELHI, Oct 28, 2016, DHNS

ISI posted him at Pak High Commission

Diplomat was under intelligence scanner

Pakistan diplomat Mehmood Akhtar, whose adventurism landed him in police net, had been on the radar of intelligence agencies for months now.

The Pakistan ISI’s spy posted at its high commission in Chanakyapuri here, eluded the sleuths since he would scout for candidates, who could compromise sensitive information, at the time of applying visa for travelling across the border, said Delhi police sources.

Akhtar, 35, ventured out of the high commission complex to personally receive sensitive army deployment papers from his recruits Subhash Jangir and Maulana Ramzan at the Delhi Zoo on Wednesday. That was when Akhtar along with the two recruits was nabbed by Delhi police in a joint operation with intelligence agencies.

He was working in the visa section of the commission.

Delhi police sources said ISI agents posted at the Pakistan high commission under cover of diplomats were using this trick of entrapping gullible visa applicants.

If persons fell for their advances, they ease the process of getting visa, offer them money depending on their background and bring them on board their spy ring, explained security agency sources.

Most of the recruitment through such channel, including that of Jangir and Ramzan, is done inside the high commission complex, given the diplomatic immunity enjoyed by diplomatic staff. 

Initially, they give easy tasks to their recruits to assess their capabilities. For instance, new recruits would be asked to visit sensitive locations, like a defence and strategic installation, and just give a feedback in writing. If the recruits mature and win the confidence of handlers, the task given to them gets tougher gradually, narrated security agency sources.

The facilities offered by the ISI agents are tendered at Pakistan too, to compromised Indian visitors. The offers range from extending their visas, if needed, and taking care of their relatives there, said police sources aware of the modus operandi of Akhtar-led espionage ring. Akhtar came on deputation from 40 Baloch regiment of Pakistan Army to the ISI three years back. A native of village Kahuta of Rawalpindi, Akhtar was declared persona non grata and asked to leave the country within 48 hours.

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