Bullet that killed Gauri shot from behind, shows autopsy


Bullet that killed Gauri shot from behind, shows autopsy
Gauri Lankesh was shot dead from close range and she died instantly, says her postmortem report.

The report, that was submitted to the Special Investigation Team (SIT), points out that she was killed by a single bullet that was fired at her on her back. It pierced her left lung and heart and killed her within seconds, sources told DH.

Gauri was shot dead at her home in Rajarajeshwari Nagar on September 5. Of the three bullets that were fired, two were fired from front at her abdomen and the third was fired from behind, probably while she was running away from her killer, they added. With the nature of injuries she sustained to her heart and lung with that one bullet, she could have been alive for only about 30 to 60 seconds, sources said, quoting the report.

The post-mortem report was of limited focus because all three bullets that entered her body exited. There were three entry and exit wounds on her. Had any bullet been retrieved from her body, forensic experts could have had more information on the firearm used, possible range from where they were fired and a few more ballistic details for assistance in police investigation. But in this case, forensics do not have much to offer, sources added.

It is all up to the police now who have to investigate on the cartridges and bullet fragments they have collected from around the crime spot.

SIT officials, analysing the CCTV footage of the shooter, repeatedly claim that the manner in which he handled the firearm, fired the shots and kept the firearm back on him before fleeing from the spot, speaks a lot for his training with firearms and almost matches the standards of uniformed men with arms training.