Russian best assimilated language at Lithuanian schools, says magazine


VILNIUS, December 7. /TASS/. Out of all the languages taught at general schools in Lithuania, the students show the highest results in assimilating the Russian language, the Reitingai magazine that sums up a broad spectrum of indicators from the country’s secondary schools and universities said on Wednesday.

"The recorded tendencies prove that the school-leavers show the best results at the graduation exams in languages - Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, and French - in the Russian language," Gintaras Sarafinas, the editor-in-chief of the magazine said.

According to the data obtained by Reitingai, the average score shown by students of the Top 50 schools in Russian was 87.06 points out of the 100 possible.

The magazine described the situation with Lithuanian, the mother tongue for 87% of the country’s population, as alarming. Only one school showed the examination scores in Lithuanian [86 points] comparable with Russian, while another 32 schools reported the results varying from 50 to 79 points.

In other cases, the examination scores in Lithuanian stood between 4 and 49.99 points.

Russian is taught as a native tongue in 30 of the country’s 409 general schools. Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian, Jewish, and German schools teach it as a second foreign language.

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