Russian Navy’s ocean survey ship gets down to search for missing Argentine sub


BUENOS AIRES, December 7. /TASS/. The Yantar ocean survey ship of the Russian Navy on Wednesday joined the search operation for the missing Argentine submarine ARA San Juan, Enque Balbi, a spokesman for the Argentine Navy said.

He indicated that the ship was examining the sea floor in the search area with the aid of its high-tech gauges. Specifically, the Yantar was trying to locate the same object that had been identified somewhat earlier by the Chilean research ship Cabo de Hornos.

On November 23, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ordered to dispatch specialists of the 328th Search and Rescue Detachment operating the Pantera Plus deep-sea descent capsule and the Yantar oceanographic ship to the San Juan submarine distress area. The Pantera Plus made the first descent on December 3.

The diesel-electric submarine ARA San Juan, which had a 44-strong crew aboard at the time leaving the port of Ushuaia, stopped responding to radio communications on November 15. The Argentine Navy launched a search operation in the evening of November 16.

Last Thursday, November 30, the Navy said it was stopping the operation to rescue the crew.

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