Toshiba stocks plummet after capital increase announcement


Japanese electronics giant Toshiba’s stocks plummeted during the first half of the trading session following the company’s announcement of a multi-billion dollar capital increase to seek liquidity at a time of financial difficulties. Toshiba’s shares lost almost 5 percent in early trading as investors reacted to the company’s announcement on Sunday


HP introduces new lineup of OMEN gaming notebooks in India


At a time when online gaming is gaining a foothold in the country, HP introduced a new line-up of its fastest-growing OMEN gaming notebooks. 

HP OMEN 15 and OMEN 17 laptops feature the latest “NVIDIA 10 Series GTX” graphics, high-resolution display with optional G-Sync technology and a single-access service panel to upgrade RAM and storage. The OME


Samsung SM-W2018 flip phone spotted again in hands-on video

Samsung SM-W2018

So far, the Samsung SM-W2018 flip phone has been spotted in a number of alleged leaks. Now, an alleged hands-on video of the phone has been posted on YouTube, which shows off its design, dual-screen display, front camera and the back panel. Considering a hands-on video has surfaced online, a launch should not be too far off.

First spotted by Gizchin


Google Allo may soon be updated with new camera effects and more

Google launches Allo app

Google’s AI-powered messenger, Allo, unfortunately never became as popular as the company probably hoped. Despite, features like stickers, smart replies and suggestions, people were too hooked to WhatsApp, and many found it practically impossible to make that move to Allo. However, Google seems to be striving continually to gain the user base the


Facebook starts testing tags for related posts, pages

It’s common knowledge that Facebook’s search tool isn’t that great. Especially if you’re searching for something new, and not related to your feed or usage at all. But Facebook could be rolling out a new feature to make search easier with tags of different types of content one can look for. Facebook’s tag feature was discovered funnily through a p

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