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Islamic State threatens to kill Japanese hostages

    An online video purports to show the Islamic State group threatening to kill two Japanese hostages unless it is paid a US$200 million ransom in 72 hours. The video was released online on Tuesday. Militant websites affiliated with the Islamic State group posted it. The video shows two hostages the militants identify as Kenji Goto Jogo and Haruna

    Japanese, Thai firms eye US$10 billion Citic stake

      Japanese trading house Itochu said on Tuesday that it is teaming up with Thai agricultural giant Charoen Pokphand Group to invest US$10.4 billion in Chinese conglomerate Citic Group. The deal would see the pair acquire a 10 percent stake in Citic for HK$34.4 billion and invest another HK$45.9 billion in convertible preferred shares, which could

      Emily Lau blasts plea to Beijing for security law

        Democratic Party chairwoman, Emily Lau has criticised a local deputy to the National People's Congress, Ng Chau-pei, who plans to propose to the central government to implement its forthcoming national security laws to be implemented here. She said Mr Ng's proposal violates the One Country Two Systems Principle. "I just find it staggering that a

        Michael Tien sees no need for security law here

          Pro-government lawmaker Michael Tien has brushed aside suggestion that the National Security Law to be introduced to the local legislation. He said said he does not agree with the bid to introduce the law and does not see the need to impose Article 23 immediately as well. "I believe if there is evidence that clearly shows the national security is

          Hong Kong losing its tourism appeal, CLSA warns

            The independent brokerage and investment group, CLSA warns that Hong Kong is losing its appeal among mainland tourists - pointing to a lack of tourism infrastructure, Hongkongers' unwelcoming attitude and stronger competition from other destinations. CLSA says 200 million mainlanders are expected to take holidays abroad by 2020 - thanks to

            Beijing has the right to introduce laws, Tung says

              Former Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa says Beijing has the legal right to introduce national laws to Hong Kong - which would include those regarding security, subversion and sedition. Mr Tung was responding to a call from a local delegate pro-Beijing unionist Ng Chau-pei, to adopt the mainland's national security laws here, before the SAR

              President Xi Jinping gets a 62 percent pay rise

                President Xi Jinping and the other six members of the Communist Party's elite Politburo Standing Committee have been given 62 percent pay rises, state-run media said on Tuesday, as civil servants get their first increases since 2006. Mr Xi's basic monthly pay will go up to 11,385 yuan from 7,020 yuan, the China Daily said, citing announcements by
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